SUCCESS without stress

Is this you?  How often do you feel like this?.....Might be tIme for an assistant!

Correction :


In 2017 I was working full time as a Personal

Executive Assistant for a person who was the 

President of several corporations.  I loved working

for him because the tasks were so different and

varied AND I could use my vast array of skills,

knowledge and experience to make a significant 

difference in contributing to him and the forward 

momentum of these companies.


In August 2017, I completed my work with him and 

for the last quarter of 2017, was grappling with how 

to duplicate the same type of experience elsewhere. 

It really was my dream job!


And then it hit me! I should do what I am good at, 

administrative assistant and structures for entrepreneurs. 

But that wasn’t quite it as I really wanted to duplicate

last year’s experience.


I had to distinguish the difference between a virtual 

assistant (VA) and what I want to offer. 


Here is what I came up with. 


“A virtual assistant (VA) is generally self-employed and 

provides professional administrative, technical, or creative 

assistance to clients remotely from a home office.” They 

are primarily a doer.  Give them a task and they do it.


A personal assistant, (PA) describes a person  who assists 

a specific person with their daily business or personal tasks. 

Personal assistants are people who provide services that 

relieve his or her employer from the stress of tasks that are 

associated with the managing one’s personal and/or business



So, what’s the difference you might be asking yourself? 


The difference is that the Personal Assistant doesn’t just DO, 

they THINK.  A PA when given a task, might suggest a new 

or better way to accomplish the task in a shorter amount of 

time or for a reduced cost. A PA will also have their employers

 back.  For example, Sandy took a 1-week vacation 3-weeks 

before a planned event. I, as the PA, created the 

Eventbrite page, FB event, Newsletter announcement, even 

though she didn’t ask me too, before she left.  All she had to 

do when she returned and went into panic mode was approve 

the work that was done in her absence.  So a good PA has 

their colleague’s back.


This is what I do best.  I look into the future and see what is 

needed and bring suggestions or comments that elevate 

performance and enhance the experience of life for the people I work with……AND execute the work to make it so.

More about me


How I Can help you

I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to give them the tools to create time freedom. Together, we define goals and execute a collaborative plan of action that achieves unprecedented results. 

Areas of expertise
o    Time Management 
o    Team Productivity & Coordination 
o    Bookkeeping
o    Speaker Concierge 
o    Event Management
o    Graphic Design
o    Wix - Web Design
o    Infusionsoft

Examples of key deliverables
o    Eventbrite Management
o    Facebook Management-events and posting
o    Web development 
o    Creation of Forms (sponsor/vendor/speaker       agreements, photo/video 
        waivers, FAQ’s etc)
o    Designing and maintaining office systems
o    Arranging travel & accommodation
o    Calendar management
o    Making Appointments
o    Background research
o    Liaison with clients, suppliers and staff
o    Meeting preparation
o    Event Management
o    Plan of action and execution to support     your goals

o    Online summits and challenges
o    1 on 1 sessions with Leader


o    Step off the “hamster wheel”
o    Reduce job stress
o    Culture of “we”
o    Accelerated productivity
o    More done in less time
o    Time freedom
o    Increased vitality/better health
o    Improved performance results